We exist to bring attention to Appalachia.

What do you get when you combine Kentucky’s best soft drink company (Ale-8-One), a top-notch Appalachian based Digital Marketing Agency, and a couple of Non-Profit organizations with an incredible mission? You get Explore Appalachia.

More? Oh, glad you asked. This idea was hatched out of the deep desire to push tourism into our region. If you know anything about Appalachia, specifically Eastern Kentucky, you know that coal was a major part of our way of life. When that industry faded out Appalachians were lost, and so was their livelihood. Ask anyone what the next major industry that will provide what we lost is, and they’d answer the same… Tourism. 

Appalachia is a beautiful place full of some of the most stunning sites and awesome critters you’ve ever seen. Not to mention the people that make it like no other place on earth. The people of the Region are strong, friendly, and welcoming. They want to share their home with you, and we want to make sure you know how to get there and what to do when you arrive. 

With the collaboration between SOAR (Shaping Our Appalachian Region), The Kentucky Wildlands, Ale-8-One, and The Holler Creative, we are on a journey to bring attention to Appalachia’s beauty, diversity, and experiences in an effort to increase tourism and unveil the riches of the region.

There has never been a partnership like this, and we are confident that the fruits of our labor will shine throughout the region for years to come. 

So, without further ado, join us on our journey through Appalachia. Maybe we will see you out on the trail, soon!

Meet The Creators

Josh Coppock

Born 'n raised in the Appalachia trying his darndest to raise and lead a family.

Likes: Coffee, Sweet Corn Bread
Dislikes: COVID

Kevin Flora

Our resident doctor who loves his family and keeps our gang moving forward.

Likes: Off-roading, new ideas
Dislikes: finding hair in fast food

Natalie Detherage

A homegrown video-editing wizard who never stops laughing.

Likes: Plants, buttered toast
Dislikes: Toothaches

Sydney Holcombe

A Knoxville-born dreamer, who is passionate about the landscape of Appalachia and the people who call it home.

Likes: Plaid pants, TedTalks
Dislikes: heavy metal music

James Schweizer

An Orlando, FL native who has fallen in love with the Appalachian region.

Likes: Pizza, books
Dislikes: Celery

Chase Hail

An Eastern Kentucky native who loves fishing and hunting in Appalachia.

Likes: Sushi, my wife, fly fishing
Dislikes: Panthers, traffic

Kaitlyn Harp

A retired soccer star who loves to fish.

Likes: Animals, knick-knacks
Dislikes: Feet

Cassidy Howard

an energetic creative with a passion for beauty, joy, and adventure. cassidy goes with the flow and enjoys making other people smile.

Likes: windows and river otters
Dislikes: the feeling of wool

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